Welcome Lexie, Goodbye Sunset

I always hate to see a good boarder go but we had to bid farewell to Sunset and Brittanie. Brittanie is leaving to go into the Coast Guard and her 20 year old App Sunset relocated to a retirement facility in NC where I am sure he will be much loved. I was glad to meet his new caretakers when they came down to pick him up last week. However, in his place, we welcome a beautiful paint mare Lexie, now owned by Dianne Griffin who also owns Bandit. She wanted to be able to ride the trails with her significant other Dennis, without Bandit having to ride them double. Now they each have a paint horse of their own. Lexie is a sweetie pie who gets along great with her other mare pasture mates, and Bandit is glad to share the load with his new little sister. 014

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