Riding Facilites

DRESSAGE ARENA: The 20mx60m standard arena has sand footing, irrigation, and dusk to dawn lights. It is situated so as to be in complete shade during the morning in the hot summer months.

JUMP COURSE: The 12 obstacle hunter/jumper course includes a brick wall, coops, flower boxes, a brush jump, a roll-top, panels, barrels, and poles as well as a set of cavalettis. The course is lit by dusk-to-dawn floodlights.

ROUND PEN: A 20 meter round pen is available for lunging or riding in a secure area.

CONDITIONING TRACK: Around the entire perimeter of the property is a mowed grass track approximately 3/4 mile long. It is great for a short trail ride, interval training for cross country or galloping to build stamina and condition.

TRAILS: Dirt roads and trails through planted pines on over 400 acres border the farm.

CROSS COUNTRY COURSE: Thirty cross country jumps are scattered across the back five acres of the farm and parallelling the conditioning track. Obstacles include cord wood, a loghouse, ramp, pallisade, oxers, chevon, crossrails, solid verticals, log pyramids, bank, ditches, a fallen tree, and many others. Heights range from 15 inches to 3’6″. Outside horses may trailer in to school the course.photo 1
Hattie over rolltop
Horse Riding Facilities Charleston SC

Horse Riding Facilites, Charleston SC