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Stall Board Charleston SC

The 6 stall, 36×60 foot barn, built in 2006, is a pre-engineered steel structure designed to withstand 121 mile per hour winds. It is designed with the comfort of the horse and convenience of the rider in mind. The barn has 10 foot high eaves, a 4:12 roof pitch, roof and exterior stall wall insulation and two ridge vents for maximum ventilation and cooling effect during the hot and humid South Carolina summer. The 12×12 foot stalls have 2×6 lumber to four feet and 3/4 inch steel bar grills, 3 inches on center for fronts and stall partitions. Each stall has a ceiling fan and light, and is bedded in pine shavings on top of rubber mats, which are cleaned daily. A water spigot and electrical outlet are outside each stall in the twelve foot wide concrete aisleway. Each stall opens not only into the center aisle but also has a dutch door opening into a semi-private grass paddock.

Horses are fed twice daily and may either be turned out in a large pasture daily (or nightly depending on the season) or have free access to the paddock contiguous to their stalls. They are fed Nutrena Safe Choice Perform Feed (a 9% fat,14% protein, controlled starch pellet). Hay is very high quality 70/30 alfalfa/orchardgrass hay imported from northern Ohio. This high quality hay is fed to all horses at no extra charge. Supplements, provided by the owner, are fed without additional charge. Horses are blanketed in the winter and fly spray and masks may be applied as needed.

All boarders have the use of a separate boarders’ tack room with a refrigerator, saddle and bridle racks and storage area. There are toilet facilities and a wash rack. On a space available basis, two stalls may be converted into a 12×24 foot mare and foal stall.

Stall board is $550/month. Training and/or lesson packages are available.
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