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Pasture Board Charleston, SC

A tranquil, idyllic home awaits the pasture boarded horse at One Tempi Farm. Three large grassy pastures have 12×24 foot, 12 foot high run-in sheds positioned to ensure afternoon shade in the summertime. The fertilized pastures are mowed regularly and dragged weekly to spread manure. The pastures also include wooded areas for additional shade and “a place to hang out.” The pastures are entirely enclosed by 4 rails of RAMM flex fencing and coated wire. The horses are grouped in compatible groups of three and fed twice daily in private feeding areas with Nutreena Safe Choice Perform, a 9% fat, 14 % protein, low starch pellet. Horses may have fly spray and fly masks applied, and are blanketed in the winter. Square bales of very high quality 70/30 alfalfa/orchardgrass hay, imported from Ohio, are provided twice daily when grass is not sufficient. Supplements, provided by the boarder, are added to feed at no additional charge.

Boarders have the use of the boarders’ tack room which includes a refrigerator, saddle and bridle racks and storage area. There are toilet facilities and a wash rack.  One stall in the barn is reserved for pasture boarded horses who may require a stall short-term, either for a lay-up or to stay clean when getting ready to go to a show.

Pasture Board is $450/month. Training and/or lesson packages are available.

Pasture Board Charleston SC
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Pasture Board Charleston, SC