2017 Year to date

As a couple horses left, we were pleased to welcome new arrivals, Dakota, Rory and Biggie. Dakota is a sweet paint gelding leased by Tamara Ensio and learning dressage. He’s one of those good guys who will try whatever you ask of him. Rory is a young TB gelding owned by Dawn and Hayley Cyran. They are bringing him along slowly from a rather improverished life after his racing days were over. Biggie is an Iberian type bay gelding owned by Caroline Kosh. She is very pleased with his ground training and looks forward to teaching him the intracacies of dressage when he is stronger. The farm is also now home to three ponies, Penny, Rainbow, and Sha’al, who are owned by Crossrails Ministries and used in their mission to use the love of horses to outreach to disadvantaged youth in the lowcountry. Rainbow is also proving to be a school horse extraordinaire for giving dressage lessons as she is trained to First Level and just the right size for timid or young riders.

One Tempi Farm hosted a Stephen Hayes dressage clinic in March which was very well received. Boarders and several riders who trailered in appreciated two days worth of Stephen’s knowledge. Then earlier this month, the farm held an impromtu jumping clinic for boarders with Pat Schmoll, a jumper trainer from Ocala, well-known on the HITS circuit. Dakota and his catch rider Pam McCoy were both game for jumping the brick wall and lattice gate during only their third ride ever over fences. He took it all in like a pro. Hattie and an accomplished 14 year old rider soared over 4 foot spreads with ease.