Updates since December

I admit, I haven’t kept up with this as I should. So, here in one fell swoop is all the news (I can remember) since December. Betty Brooks and Halston moved to the farm in December. Halston is a hunk of a horse, 18 hands worth of dressage power and presence. Betty has shown him First level and is now getting ready for second level.11

Pam McCoy sent off the strands of Sterling’s tail for DNA testing and we were all flabbergasted by the results. It turns out that her gray large pony is a Holsteiner/Hanoverian/Garrano pony cross. And, here we were, guessing he was a BLM mustang. That certainly upped his cred in the pasture.

We had to bid farewell to our Bashkir Curly, Kudry, who found our humid SC weather too much. He is living a more comfortable life in northern Virginia but we still get visits from his owner Pam Cummings.

Missy and Steven Powers came to live on the farm and take over the majority of the barn work. (Bless their souls!) With them came Radscha, Missy’s Hanoverian mare whom she shares with Marissa Mangus who leases her. Missy has extensive dressage and eventing experience and is working with her young mare in dressage.radscha

Lara Warren’s pony Zephyr left to become a pony hunter and in his place are now GG and Keeper, two more Welsh ponies from her family’s breeding pony. I haven’t seen a single one that I haven’t loved – these two have great conformation, willing attitudes and lovely gaits. I may just have to get one for myself. They are bred for and excel in the “A” hunter shows. IMG_0224

Today, we welcomed our first Western rider in awhile. Dianne Griffin brought her horse, Bandit, over from the closing Whistle Stop Farm. He’s a lovely chestnut (oops, sorrel) paint which Dianne enjoys trail riding. IMG_0249

The farm is hosting its second schooling fun show for the farm’s boarders and students on March 20. There will be dressage tests of choice, stadium jumping and pot-luck lunch after all the riding is done.

Finally, on a very sad note, my FEI campaigner, Tal-Shaya, died on Feb. 6. He was 29 years old. I bought him as an untrained two year old and we rose thruough the ranks of dressage together, ultimately showing at Grand Prix. He was all I ever could have asked for.CLOSEUP_SALUTE Farewell my old friend.