Pendy receives FIRST PREMIUM Sport Pony Status

Last Sunday, the North American Sport Pony Registry, awarded Sir Pendleton a First Premium classification at his inspection. He was shown in hand, on the triangle and at liberty. The inspector commented that Pendy was a “very nice pony, suitable for dressage, with an excellent temperament. The Munster worked hard to get him ready for his inspection and should be very proud of his registration. Their 9 year old daughter Livy continues to be excited to learn dressage and jumping on her lovely pony.image2

Kudos to Pam and Sterling

Pam is so enjoying her new horse, Sterling Starship. They went to the Middleton Schooling Show on Oct. 17, for their first show together, and came home with a first place in the Tadpole CT, with a score of 28 points, as well as a third place score in a Training level dressage test. Pam is already planning to move Sterling up a division at the November CT. Let’s just hope her old campaigner, 32 year old Brigadier,doesn’t get too jealous!Stertrailer