Clinic with Lynn Coates-Holmes

The good weather held on and all participants had productive rides with Lynn Coates-Holmes today. There were 6 event riders, divided into groups for jumping from Beg. Novice to Training level and three dressage riders for flat lessons. I was thrilled with Hattie’s work today. I think she was showing off for Lynn. In the photo, Crystal Rhoad schools Sirius over a course of jumps as Lynn coaches. 100_4087

Welcome Jetta

The New Year brought a new horse to the farm. Jetta, a 20 year old Apx QH is owned by Lauren and Victoria Templeton. Jetta has been a great mount for her teenage rider and now gets to enjoy a semi-retirement. Tori, having place 5th at National Dressage Medal Finals last year, now has her sights set on competing in the Young Riders program. With Jetta’s arrival, we also bid goodbye to Michele and Hootie who are moving to Florida. Hootie with his treat craving antics was a “hoot” to have around. 100_4079

Welcome Pendleton

The farm welcomed Pendleton, a Shetland/Welsh pony, and the Munster family on Wednesday. Olivia has a very sweet pony to help her learn to be an equestrian. She is working very hard to learn to ride Pendy with gentle authoritativeness. They are going to be a great team. I tried to go in the pasture to take this friendly pony’s picture, but could only get his nose in the photo as he was so curious about why I was there.100_4081