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Opened March 2006, One Tempi Farm is a premier horse boarding and training facility located midway between Summerville, Goose Creek and Moncks Corner, South Carolina. It is owned and operated by an FEI level dressage rider, trainer and instructor. Many of the boarders actively compete their horses in sanctioned Horse Trials, Events, CTs and Dressage Competitions.  Accessed off exit 194 of Interstate 26, the farm is 30 miles northwest Charleston. The address of the farm is 2215 Cooper Store Road, Moncks Corner, SC 29461. For more information, please contact us at OneTempiFarm@selvey.us or call 843-569-1070 or 843-214-0478. Weekend pleasure riders to active show competitors share and enjoy the facilities the farm has to offer.


When I moved my 25-year-old retired event horse to One Tempi, I knew it was a place where we would both enjoy his remaining years. We have been enjoying his remaining years now for quite some time. First Susan improved our dressage, then built a variety of stadium and cross-country jumps that got us going over fences. Most importantly, she provided daily and without fail excellent quality care and accommodations. Now 32 and still a joy to ride, my horse is remarkable for his age due in no small part to his peaceful, happy life at One Tempi Farm.
- Pamela McCoy, Owner, Brigadier
"We moved our horse, Mystic, out to One Tempi Farm not quite a year ago. She was overweight, not very social with other horses and not very calm. When we moved her, Susan put her in a pasture with several other horses that Mystic took to right away. She was calm, peaceful, and socialized with her new pasture mates. In the 9 months since arriving at One Tempi, she has lost weight, is much calmer and generally happy. She has begun dressage lessons with Susan and is showing extraordinary potential. I would recomend One Tempi Farm to anyone and would recommend Susan as a 'top-notch' trainer." 1/1/2011: We just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the past year at One Tempi Farm. Mystic continues to thrive in your environment and is happier than I've ever seen her. We look forward to bigger and better in 2011.
- Tim and Tori W., Owners of Mystic
"After several bad experiences with inept barn managers and shantytown facilities, I was sure my life with horses was doomed to be mediocre at best. If I wanted a nice arena, I had to give up good quality hay or pastures. If I wanted to ride long trails, I had to give up a knowledgeable barn manager. If I wanted it all, I couldn't afford rent or groceries. Thank goodness I found One Tempi! This farm has everything I have been looking for without breaking my budget. Susan is knowledgeable and always willing to help. She is a true horse person; she knows how to make my horse happy and how to keep her healthy. The pasture quality is great, the atmosphere is serene, the roundpen and arena are excellent, the trails are wonderful, and … what more can I say? I have been very satisfied with my move to One Tempi. I can't imagine trusting my horse with anyone else but Susan." - Lindsay D., Owner of Buttercup
"To anyone considering placing your financial investment or family member under Susan Selvey's care, I cannot endorse her enough. I've boarded at every type of facility possible, from DIY facilities, to 4 Star accomodations to running my own barn. I stand by my opinion that One Tempi Farm constitutes the best of the best. I gelded my 5 year old breeding stallion and sent him from Texas to continue his training with my daughter, an Air Force wife stationed in SC. After a disheartening stay at another barn, we found One Tempi and were stunned to find Ms. Selvey's committment to her boarders as nothing short of being "home." Her quiet study of horses, their gregarious natures and communication signals has given her a keen understanding of herd mentality and she carefully introduced our gelding to his pasture mates. My daughter accompanied Susan to a dressage judging seminar and came back raving about the beauty, precision, grace, and connection. Ms. Selvey pulled back the veil and revealed the beauty of the sport that had eluded my daughter for so long. In two months spent in training with Susan, Lee was brought from a pasture ornament to being ready to show at First level. I, without hesitation or qualification, suggest you look no further and plead with Susan for a spot in her fold. - Dianne L., Owner of Lee.